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To realize a decarbonized society
with the power of data analysis

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About Us

What is Carbon Cipher?

Beyond organizations, beyond borders, beyond generations. Creating a cardon-friendly tomorrow with the power of data. That is the Carbon Cipher mission.

"Cipher" in Latin means "Zero". From there, it also means
"gathering in a circle".
Decarbonization cannot be done alone.
We believe that corporates, local governments, and
personal ideas must comes together to form them.

The platform for aiding decarbonization, "Carbon Cipher",
visualizes CO2 emissions and extracts the issues to each company.
By using the data in the platform, we will support the formulation and execution of an optimal decarbonization strategy.

Why do we need a CO2 visualization service?


Cost reduction

Knowing the CO2 emissions can reduce energy waste and excess resources. As a result, environmentally friendly initiatives, such as energy saving and the introduction of renewable energy, can be help with cost reduction.


Developing new

In order to respond to requests from customers and business partners, there has been an increase in small and medium-sized enterprises to grasp and disclose the CO2 emissions used for their products and services. By disclosing and reducing the CO2 emissions related to the company, you will be able to develop new consumers and business partners.


Acquisition of human resources

The younger generagtions are more aware of environmental issues, and are attracted to environmental friendly companies. Decarbonized management, as represented by CO2 emissions visualization, has the advantage of recruitment and retention of human resources.


Business Content

Carbon Cipher will support the optimal implementation of carbonized strategies through CO2 emission data analysis.

Carbon Cipher will support the optimal implementation of carbonized strategies through CO2 emission data analysis.

CO2 emission visualization tool


Labor saving in everything from setting up the calculation method to calculation emissions.

The Decarbonization Visualization Tool is a cooperative support tool for CO2 emissions crop stores and energy conservation efforts.


Conscientious price


Provided at an affordable price to all customers

Because our engineers develop and maintain, we can offer a cheaper price compared to other companies. After installation, we hold regular support meetings. Our service can be used inexpensively and safely.


Proposed measures


We analyze the visualized data and propose countermeasures

We will identify your unique challenges based on data. A specialized consultant will propose countermeasures. We can also assist subsidy related applications for equipment installation.


Usage fees


Available for use starting from 1 user

Annual plan

¥980(without tax)/month

¥11,760(without tax)/month

Monthly plan

¥1,280(without tax)/month

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