carbon cipher

carbon cipher

Feature CO2 emission
visualization tool

Labor saving in everything from setting up the calculation method to calculation emissions.

  • An intuitive interface
    We have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Visual data allows you to see at a glance the current status of CO2 emissions by your business.
  • Category recommendations by industry
    Includes the ability to set recommended emissions categories for each industry. This allows you to easily and accurately identify which categories of emissions should be accounted for in your business.
  • Reliable after-sales support
    We also provide full after-sales support after the installation of our products. We quickly resolve issues for our clients through our product usage inquiry form and regular meetings.

Feature Conscientious

Provided at an affordable price to all customers

  • Avaliable from 980 yen per month
    The service is available from 980 yen per user per month. Even companies that are just starting out in decarbonization management can take a step towards it with low risk.
  • Flexible user count settings
    Our tool is available from one user. Since only users who are suitable for your decarbonization promotion system can be subscribed, it is possible to operate cost-effectively.
  • The amount you want, when you want it
    Since the service is deployed in the cloud, it can be implemented immediately. Monthly plans are also available, allowing you the flexibility to use the service when and as much as you need.

Feature Proposed measures

We analyze the visualized data and propose countermeasures

  • Accompanying to implementation measures
    We can provide support from visualization to implementation, such as linking your products and services to CO2 emissions that will lead to customer acquisition, and proposing and implementing CO2 emissions reduction measures.
  • Decarbonization measures also strengthen human resouces and PR
    The implementation of decarbonization measures can also be effective in recruiting human resources and in your PR strategy. We can also offer suggestions on how your company's decarbonization efforts can relate to these measures.
  • Support for subsidy application related to decarbonization
    We also have consultants with extensive experience in subsidy application work, and can provide support for applications for manufacturing and energy conservation subsidies tied to decarbonization.

Usage fees


Available for use starting from 1 user

Annual plan

¥980(without tax)/month


Monthly plan

¥1,280(without tax)/month

Try it free for 14 days
  • CO2 emission visualization tool
  • Post-implementation support
  • Suggesting initiatives *
  • Subsidy application support *

*Additional charges apply

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